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Interregional Innovation Policy
Opportunities and Challenges in the Alps-Adriatic Region

CorinnaCORINNA - Cooperation of Regions for Innovation
Cross-border cooperation between Italy, Slovenia, Austria and Hungary in the field of technology and innovation.

We admit that there is still a lot to do for the policy makers in our regions to support their companies in living up to the full potential of their location. In many cases, policy makers themselves are not aware of the opportunities that offer themselves as soon as we look for partners across the borders of our regions. This book should assist in overcoming that lack of knowledge.

It tackles the issue of interregional innovation policy from various standpoints and in different styles. It contains articles by economists, policy makers, and people from public administration that will inform you on the broader economic picture and options for cooperation in our regions, the strategies and projects of their governments, and on the major companies and institutions that have a role in R&D and the promotion of technological innovation in these regions.

This book addresses people interested in R&D and innovation in our regions, in public administration but also in companies and research organisations.

In part the book presents the results of various analytical steps that were taken in the course of the project; it thus represents the condensed results of the analytical work of CORINNA. The book also offers an additional perspective in that it presents several contributions of public bodies and agencies involved in innovation policy design and implementation.

CORINNA is a project under the EU-Community Initiative Programme INTERREG III C.

The book shows the different approaches and outputs of this interregional project within 2005-2007.

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